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How to find information in the Index to Chinese Passenger Manifests collection

There are 2 ways to find information in this collection:

How to search for particular names

From the search page, you make a query in these simple steps:

  1. Specify the names of people or locations, or dates you want to search
  2. Say whether you want to search for all or just some of the word
  3. Type in the words you want to search for
  4. Click the Begin Search button

When you make a query, a list of twenty matching documents will be shown. There is a button at the end to take you on to the next twenty documents. From there you will find buttons to take you on to the third twenty or back to the first twenty, and so on. Click the name to see it.

Name Results
All name results in browsing and searching result in the following sequence:
Last Name First Name Middle Name


Search terms

Whatever you type into the query box is interpreted as a list of words or phrases called "search terms." A term is a single word containing only letters and digits, or a phrase consisting of a sequence of words enclosed in double quotes ("..."). Terms are separated by white space. If any other characters such as punctuation appear, they serve to separate terms just as though they were spaces. And then they are ignored. You can't search for words that include punctuation.

For example, the query

will be treated the same as

For collections built with MGPP a few other options are available.


Query type

There are two different kinds of query.

Use as many search terms as you like--first, middle and last names. If you specify only one term, documents will be ordered by its frequency of occurrence.

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