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Cabrinha, Antone M
Cades, J Russell
Cades, Milton
Cain, Louis S
Cain, Ralph W
Caires, Frank F
Caldwell, John Worde
Calistro, Jack F
Calmes, Marquis F
Camara, Joseph M Jr
Cameron, Ernest R
Cameron, Frank B
Cameron, J Walter
Camp, Archie C
Campbell, A James
Campbell, Alice Kamokila
Campbell, Charles J
Campbell, Edward H
Campbell, George
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jean
Campbell, Malcom Macgregor
Campbell, Marston
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, William H C
Camp, James A
Campsie, James
Canario, Joseph W
Cannon, George Q
Canten, August S
Capellas, Eugene S
Capps, Lewis E
Caraballo, Benito Father
Carden, Edward W
Carden, John Joseph
Carden, William T
Carey, Daniel T
Carey, Miles E
Carley, Edward B
Carlsmith, Carl S
Carlsmith, Carl Wendel
Carlsmith, Maxine
Carlsmith, Merrill L
Carreira, Joseph R
Carr, Frank M
Carroll, Earl
Carsley, George F
Carson, Merwin B
Cartenburg, A
Carter, A Hartwell
Carter, Alfred W
Carter, Charles L
Carter, Frederick B
Carter, Frederick William
Carter, George Robert
Carter, Henry Augustus Peirce
Carter, Henry Cushman
Carter, Joseph Oliver
Carter, Melville L
Carter, Samuel M
Cartwright, A J
Cartwright, Bruce Jr
Carvalho, Manuel S
Carvalho, Virginio A
Cary, Miles E
Case, A Hebard
Case, Daniel Hebard
Case, Leonard N
Case, Lloyd E
Cass, Philip
Castendkyk, C
Castle, Alfred L
Castle, Charles A
Castle, Ethelinda Mrs
Castle, George P
Castle, Harold K
Castle, Henry N
Castle, James Bicknell
Castle, Samuel Northrup
Castle, William R
Castro, Alexander H F
Castro, Antonio D
Castro, Dagny Mrs
Cathcart, John W
Catton, Margaret M L
Cavenaugh, George P
Chamberlain, J E
Chamberlain, Warren
Chamberlain, William W
Chamberlayne, R K
Chamberlin, Clayton J
Chandler, John S
Chaney, Aaron M
Chang, Daniel
Chang, Rachael S
Chang, Raymond M Y
Chang, Robert W B
Chang, Rosie K
Chang, Sau Yee
Chang, Thomas Y K
Chang, Wah Kai Dr
Chapman, E Walker
Chapson, Harold B
Char, Lyon
Char, On
Char, Theodore C H
Char, Yew
Char, Yew Hin
Chase, Charles D
Chatterton, Claud E
Cheatham, Elmer M
Chikasuye, Clesson Y
Child, John Francis
Child, Linzy C
Childs, Allen Whitmore
Childs, Clinton S
Chillingworth, Charles F
Chillingworth, Edwin B
Chillingworth, F L
Chillingworth, Samuel F
Chillingworth, William R
Ching, Chan
Ching, Donald D H
Ching, Francis M F
Ching, Henry K C
Ching, Hung Wai
Ching, Isame
Ching, T K Pang
Chin, Henry Yen
Choi, Wilbert
Chong, Roy K P
Choy, Helen Shular
Choy, Herbert Y C
Christiansen, Carl
Chuck, Walter G
Chu, Joshua E
Chung, Charles
Chung, Mon Fa Dr
Chung, Norman K
Chu, Peter
Church, Alfred M
Churchill, Minnie
Church, Thomas M
Chur, Y B
Chu, Samuel E F
Clapper, James P
Clareke, Chester R
Clark, Albion F
Clark, Alvah K
Clark, A Rev
Clark, Charles H
Clark, Dolres
Clark, D W
Clarke, Abel Rev
Clarke, Adna G
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, John K
Clarke, Margaret H
Clark, Ernest B
Clarke, Robert F
Clark, E W
Clark, Ferdinand Lee
Clark, Frank E Dr
Clark, George
Clark, George C
Clark, George R
Clark, G Warren
Clark, James K
Clark, Thomas
Clark, William
Clark, William A
Cleghorn, Archibald Scoot
Clemons, Charles F
Cleveland, Chauncy F
Clissold, Edward L
Cloward, Ralph B Dr
Cluff, H H
Cluney, John C
Coan, T
Cobb, William B
Cockburn, Alexander
Cockete, Joseph
Cockett, Charles B
Cockett, Christopher K
Cockett, John K
Cockett, Jonah Patrick
Cockett, La Plane
Cockett, Patrick
Cockett, Patrick Dr
Cockett, Pia
Coelho, Frank R
Coelho, William J
Cofer, Leland E
Cogswell, Louise A
Cohen, Joel C
Coke, Hugh M
Coke, James H
Coke, James Leslie
Colburn, John F
Collins, C W
Collins, George M
Collins, T Desmond
Coll, Raymond H Jr
Coll, Raymond S
Colville, James W
Conant, Elmer E
Conde, D T
Coney, G Malcolm
Coney, John R
Conkling, David Lloyd
Conrad, Agnes C Miss
Conradt, Christian C
Conradt, Josep E
Contrades, John Jr
Cooke, Alice Hastings
Cooke, Charles Montague
Cooke, Clarence H
Cooke, George P
Cooke, Joseph Platt
Cook, Elmo Hinano
Cooke, Nora Sturgeon
Cooke, Richard A
Cook, Thomas E
Cool, George
Cooper, Ashley J
Cooper, C Bryant
Cooper, Charles Bryant Dr
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Henry E
Cooper, William H
Cooper, Will J
Cooper, W T
Copp, Charles Sr
Copp, George
Corbett, Gerald R
Corbett, H
Corbett, John A
Corbett, Nancy
Corboy, Philip M
Corn, Everett C
Cornwell, William H
Correa, Mary L
Correa, Sylvester P
Corstorphine, James B
Cosgrove, Frank B
Costa, A F
Costa, August S
Costa, Leonard J
Costa, Manuel
Coulehan, John M
Cousady, L L Father
Covell, Bert G
Cox, Catherine E B
Cox, Frank
Cox, Joel B
Cox, Oscar P
Cox, Richard H
Coyne, Arthur
Crabbe, Clarence L
Crabbe, E C S Jr
Crabbe, Horatio Gates
Craft, George
Craig, John H
Crane, Charles S
Crane, Ezra J
Cravalho, Elmer F
Crawford, David L
Crawford, Eli J
Crawford, Frank
Crawford, H E
Crawford, William C
Crawford, William H
Creedon, John P
Creighton, Charles F
Creighton, Robert J
Cristy, Albert M
Crockett, Frank
Crockett, Wendell F
Crockett, William F
Cross, Charles C
Crossley, Randolph
Crowell, Clement C
Crowningberg, David
Crozier, C Campbell
Crozier, Charles
Crozier, Clarence A
Crozier, Don
Crozier, G Douglas
Crozier, William H Jr
Cruzan, John A
Cullen, Herbert F
Culpepper, S Clifton Dr
Cummings, O S Dr
Cummings, Preston
Cummings, William H
Cummins, John A
Cummins, Moseley K
Cunha, Albert R
Cunha, Emanuel Silveira
Cunningham, Charles P
Cunningham, Dwight W
Cunningham, Sarah Todd
Cunningham, Thomas M
Currie, Donald H Dr
Curtis, Albert G
Curts, John P
Cushingham, Frances K Mrs