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Genealogy Index
Government Office Holders, 1843-1959
Hawaiian Genealogy Book Index
Chinese Passenger Manifest Index, A-Z
Japanese Passenger Manifests Index, A-L
Japanese Passenger Manifests Index, M-Z
Portuguese Passenger Manifests Index, A-Z
Land Index - People Names, 1838-1918 (O-Z)
Land Index - Place Names, 1838-1918 (A, E and U)
Name Index, 1790-1950 (A-Bonnier)
Subject Index, 1790-1970 (A-Airports, Molokai)

Certificates of Registration, National Register of Republic of Hawaii
Official Journals of the Legislature of the Republic of Hawaii, 1895-1898
Judiciary Records (Probate Case Files)
Mahele Book
Photograph Collection
Tax Ledgers, 1847-1900 (Hamakua & Hilo)
Vital Statistics Collection, 1826-1929 (Molokai, Niihau, Kauai, and Maui)
Vital Statistics Collection, 1832-1929 (Hawaii Island)
World War I Service Records

Map and Library Catalog

Hawaii State Archives
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